Yes, please!

Maybe, you’ll say that I’m “old fashioned” …or maybe not … Anyway, I’ll tell you something: you will NOT achieve anything in the networking – online, or off line area – without being VERY well informed, or, at least, as well as you can – to can make the connections, to ” construct ” ( build ) the puzzle, piece by piece … And you can do this READING, A LOT!!! 
For this article, I have in mind two (2) books: ” How to Win Friends and Influence People “, written by Dale Carnegie, and ” Three Exemplary Novels and a Prologue “, written by Miguel de Unamuno, in 1920 – << ( … ) a much-studied work with a famous prologue. The title deliberately, recalls the famous ” Novelas ejemplares ” of Miguel de Cervantes (… ) >> ( )

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