To advertise your business speaking about ANOTHER business, brand, is the WORST way to do it.It is like, you would like to “conquer” a women ( in my case ) … speaking about another guy, saying ” I’m better than him! ” Maybe – almost SURELY – she will want to “try” first, the ” other ” guy 🙂
Is the first rule in publicity – think about: you NEVER saw an advertising TV spot or banner, let say for … ” Colgate ” , saying: << Hi, I’m ” Colgate ” and I’m better than ” BlendaMed “, because … >>
You have to advertise YOUR business, YOUR brand – of course, in the background, you have to know almost everything about your ” concurrence ” to know how to be ” better ” , but NEVER to COMPARE, because you’ll LOSE, at least 50% of costumers – they will be curious about the other company.

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